To win tasty insects for their character, guests must...


Play Party Games!

All with a wildlife twist of course! They could be gliding like eagles, hopping like frogs or sliding like snails - anything to win an insect for their character's sweet jar! And of course - it's Hoglets, so there will be an educational wildlife fact or two to be learned along the way!


Meet Wildlife

Children will be fascinated by a short wildlife talk before being invited to meet a furry, prickly and feathered resident from the British Wildlife Rescue Centre! You never know, Oak the Owl and Hawthorn the Hedgehog may even make an appearance!


Make a Wildlife Mask

Finally, our budding wildlife lovers will become Forest the Fox, Brambles the Badger, Oak the Owl or Hawthorn the Hedgehog by making their own wildlife mask to take home! 

(Taking it off once they get home is optional!)


When they succeed? Then they will become WILDLIFE WINNERS!

Once the activities are completed and the sweet jars are full, every child will be awarded a medal and a 'Wildlife Winner' certificate!

Mrs L Watkins

"A big thank you to Hoglets and the British Wildlife Rescue centre for providing a unique birthday experience for our 6 year old son. It was educational, engaging and above all fun. Hoglets made our life as parents so easy, as we provided the venue and they took care of entertaining the children. I would highly recommend a wildlife party as the children just loved the games, meeting and learning about the animals and making masks together. A highlight was taking home a medal and wildlife certificate. Thank you!"

Isaac (aged 6)


"Thank you for coming to my party. My favourite bit was hunting for worms and stroking the owl"


How much?

How much?

How much?

1 hour = £130

90 minutes (with 30 minute food break in between) = £160

(This include travel within a 20 mile radius from Sandon, Stafford)


What age?

How much?

How much?

Our parties are aimed at budding wildlife lovers who are celebrating their 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th birthday.


How many?

How much?

How many?

We are happy to deliver our wildlife parties for up to 20 children.

We can't provide the venue or the party food but we know somewhere that can!

The Manor Golf Club in Kingstone, Uttoxeter hires their ground floor venue, with stunning views and its own private garden area.

For room hire, party food and a drink they charge £10 per child (min 10 children).

If you'd like to party at the Manor, then we can help you to organise this!