I'm Andy. 

I teach part time in a primary school and spend the rest of my week hoping to ‘spark an interest’ with our younger generation. An 'interest' which I hope will eventually turn into a 'passion'!

Through Hoglets, I deliver educational wildlife workshops, events and school learning in and around Staffordshire, giving children the opportunity to learn about and enjoy our wonderful British wildlife!


"I have always been interested in British wildlife since watching hedgehogs, squirrels and foxes in my childhood back garden during the 1980s. This interest has stayed with me and now as an adult I love encouraging wildlife into my garden and plan many British holidays with ‘ticking a British creature off the list’ as the main focus!

I am now a primary school teacher in the middle of a town centre and over the years have become concerned with how little children know about our British wildlife. Some were unable to name a pigeon and a magpie (common visitors to the school grounds), some thought that they’d find starfish and dolphins in the local river and when asked, “Why do we need to learn about our British wildlife?”, I was given the reply, “Because we need to know what’s dangerous”. 

It occurred to me that not every child is as lucky as I was, some do not have gardens or get taken on adventures in the countryside and because there is less wildlife around anyway these days, how can an interest be ‘sparked’ in a creature if they have never seen it? I felt passionate about doing something, so I created Hoglets!"