The British Wildlife Rescue Centre is a dedicated wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release facility based in Staffordshire, England.

Established in 1991 and admitting over 2,OOO wild animals each year, their mission is to provide vital and lifesaving care for all sick, injured and orphaned wildlife with the goal of rehabilitating and returning each animal back into the wild as part of an ever growing need for wildlife conservation in Great Britain.

The centre works with Hoglets regularly at our educational wildlife workshops and certainly help to bring our workshops to life! Interacting with the wildlife is always the highlight of a workshop and the part which children will always remember!

We like to support the centre as much as we can by fundraising! We sell handmade craft items, run fundraising activities at their events and even walk across the country...


Our walk for wildlife


Most recently we walked 192 miles from Coast to Coast and raised a staggering £3250 for the British Wildlife Rescue Centre. 

The walk crossed 3 National Parks from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay, giving us some steep climbs, some challenging, rocky footpaths and tested our waterproofs to the limits! However, the Parks also gave us the most dramatic scenery we’d ever seen, stunning lakes, beautiful woods and some wonderful wildlife to keep us company along the way - roe deer, red squirrels and grouse to name but a few!

All of the money raised will go towards funding new rehabilitation enclosures at their wildlife hospital in Staffordshire, helping our furry, feathered and prickly friends on their road to recovery before being released back into the wild!