Andy currently covers subject leadership time in a local primary school, which means that he teaches every class in the school for one morning each term. During these mornings he delivers wildlife workshops, linked to the curriculum, based around a creature or a theme. Again, these workshops always involve learning through fun, educational games and activities and creating a creature through a craft activity. 

He has also worked with the school to develop their wildlife areas, outdoor learning opportunities and general love of our British wildlife!

To find out more about what Andy can offer your school, please get in touch!

Mrs V Anderson (Headteacher)

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Andy for giving our children the opportunity to develop and nurture their interest in British wildlife. As a school based in a town centre, it has  afforded us the chance to learn about different habitats and the plants and animals that live there, something that we may not otherwise have easily accessed. 

Andy has encouraged children’s interest by supporting the school to develop and give children access to the outdoor learning areas, creating termly wildlife project competitions as well  as bringing wildlife into the school. He has transformed our outdoor learning area to encourage and promote wildlife and the children have been enthused and excited about being involved in this. Andy has gone above and beyond to ensure the success of  the projects and worked so hard and enthusiastically with the staff and children. School has gained recognition within the local community for these events and this would not have been possible without his support, we cannot thank him enough."

Mrs C Scothern (Education Officer, National Forest)

"Through working in partnership with the National Forest Company, Andy has developed brilliant outdoor learning facilities at Christ Church School.  They now have an amazing roof garden and an exciting outside  area, featuring a sensory butterfly area, planters for every class and a bug hotel.

Many of the children have limited experience of the fun and benefits open to them by spending time outdoors, but they are now able to experience and engage in outdoor learning regularly. Alongside this, Andy  has facilitated training for the staff, to encourage and motivate them to use the outdoor areas for their lessons. "