You’re never too young or old to learn about our wildlife!

We've teamed up with the British Wildlife Rescue Centre to offer educational wildlife workshops in and around South Derbyshire and Staffordshire! 

Our workshops are interactive learning experiences where participants can meet wildlife, make a wildlife craft and master a fact or two through fun games and activities!

Miss S Harper

"Hoglets and the British Wildlife Centre provided workshops at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show in 2019. A packed room of children (and adults!) thoroughly enjoyed meeting owls and hedgehogs, learning how the animals interact with the outside world. If you get the chance to join for a workshop, it’s a fun educational experience for all the family and I can highly recommend them!"

Wildlife Workshops Visits for 0-4s

Happy Hedgehogs


Children will share a story with a rescued hedgehog from the British Wildlife Rescue Centre before discovering what his prickles really feel like. They'll become hedgehogs - hunting for worms and rolling up in to balls before creating their own hedgehog made from clay.

The Owl Babies


With the help of a story sack, children will get to know Sarah, Percy and Bill - The Owl Babies. They will meet and stroke a real owl from the British Wildlife Rescue Centre, learn what an owl's favourite snack is by hunting for mice, all before creating their own 'Owl Babies' collage to take home.

Winter Woodland Wildlife


Through sharing a magical story, hiding and hunting for acorns, creating their own winter woodland Christmas decoration and of course, meeting a real woodland friend from the British Wildlife Rescue Centre, our youngest wildlife lovers will learn how our wonderful woodland wildlife prepares for the winter! 

Colours and Camouflage


Based around the book ‘WOW! said the owl’, children will be introduced to a world full of colour! They’ll decide where to camouflage a caterpillar, help a deer, ladybird and frog find their spots and then scratch away their own colourful work of art! Kara the eagle owl will of course be joining us too, she can never resist a good owl story! 

Seaside Senses

Coming very soon!

Coming very soon!

Nursery Manager of an Outstanding Nursery

"Hoglets wildlife visited our nursery with their hedgehog, as part of our Autumn topic. The staff were amazing and kept the children fully engaged and captivated by the hedgehog  and the  supporting activity which they provided and carried out for the children.

I used a child's E.Y.P.P. money to fund this event and its the best decision I ever made. This activity managed to cover all 7 areas of the E.Y,.F.S. and met all the children's individual needs. It gave the children an opportunity to handle a hedgehog which  is something that most of them would never have done before, it links lovely with our 'Awe & Wonder' ethos.

We will definitely be having them back "

Our Workshops cost £100 for up to 30 budding wildlife lovers! (£3 per extra)

For nurseries or similar, we recommend shorter sessions of around 30-40 minutes with smaller similar-aged groups.

Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends.

Primary School Wildlife Workshop Visits

Nocturnal Creatures


Through fun games and activities, children will get to know the fascinating creatures who come out when the sun goes down! They will discover why they are nocturnal and how they survive in the dark, they will meet a nocturnal creature from the British Wildlife Rescue Centre and finally create a glow in the dark bat to take home!

Help our Hedgehogs


Our hedgehogs have been decreasing rapidly in the wild in recent years, however with the help of our future wildlife lovers, this trend can be reversed! By becoming builders, children will construct a 'hedgehog friendly' housing estate with their incredible imaginations and a pile of lego! They'll look at the problems hedgehogs face through a game, meet a rescued hedgehog from the British Wildlife Rescue Centre and create their own hedgehog made from clay!

Brilliant Bats


Through fun games and activities, budding bat lovers will learn where bats like to live, what bats like to eat and how they manage to hunt in the dark! We'll go hunting for moths  - who will win, the pipistrelles or the brown long-eared bats? We'll listen to different bat calls and then demonstrate echolocation with a blindfold and some very noisy moths! Children will meet a bat predator from the British Wildlife Rescue Centre and finally create their own 'glow in the dark' bat to hang upside down at home!



Learn where our British wildlife chooses to live and why, find out who lives in a holt, a sett and a lodge, discover how our habitats can change over time and why they might be under threat. We'll look at micro habitats and if feasible, head off on a habitat hunt around the grounds. Then finally, all children will meet a prickly pal from the British Wildlife Rescue Centre before making their own hedgehog habitat creation!

Winter Adaptation


Our wildlife can't turn up the central heating during the winter, so how do they adapt? Learn all about hibernation, migration and the other ways our wildlife survive the cold winter weather! Children will follow a swallow on it's 6 week journey to South Africa, learn how and why geese fly in a V formation and then discover how we can help the wildlife that is still around by making a bird feeder! One of our most popular hibernators from the British Wildlife Rescue Centre will of course be helping us!

Food Chains

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Our Primary School Wildlife Workshops cost £100 per class (up to 30 children)

Workshops will last for around an hour and are available to book on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Adult Activities

Fun Wildlife Quiz and Creature Interactions


Why should the kids have all the fun? Perfect for residential homes, WI groups or any other group, our fun, educational wildlife quiz contains 4-5 fun rounds such as 'guess the wildlife sound' and 'guess the footprint'. In between each round, the British Wildlife Rescue Centre will introduce the quiz players to one of their residents, giving information about the creature and allowing time for questions to be asked!

Mrs A Jahn (Rectory Care, Albrighton)

"Thank you so much for visiting us at Rectory Care Albrighton, residents (and staff) really enjoyed the visit! Residents who normally don’t engage in activities came and got involved with the animals sounds quiz and general knowledge! It was amazing to see their faces light up with joy seeing these animals that normally we only talk about! One resident in particular who doesn’t normally settle in afternoons or evenings was relaxed and engaged the whole afternoon and into the evening and night! Thank you for making such a difference to our residents day!!"

Our Wildlife Quiz with Creature Interactions costs £100 for up to 30 participants.

The session will last for around an hour and is available to book on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays or weekends.